Holly Jane Sutor is an observational artist, driven by beauty. From camera to canvas, Sutor expresses the humanity of her subjects. Making connections that transcend the aesthetic.

Sutor grew up in rural Indiana where she studied Fine and Graphic Art at The Art Academy of Cincinnati. Upon moving to San Diego, California, Sutor worked for Kodak company ENCAD. After spending nearly 12 years in corporate finance and feeling empowered that she understood what was needed to run a business, in 2004, Sutor launched her own photography and videography brand, Sutography. With a 18 year-strong portfolio, and nearly a decade of awards, Sutogrography is a market leader in the field of commercial photography and film- making.

All the while, the artist inside Sutor was eager to challenge her creativity further. So in 2013, she took up the paint brush again.

Having spent the consecutive years developing and honing her style, Sutor exhibited her debut series of dystopian portraits at The 2018 Mission Federal Art Walk. This launched Sutor into the San Diego art community and in 2019 she became an artist is residence at The Studio Door, Hillcrest.

Sutor is a true renaissance artist, satiated by the experimentation of new mediums and ideas. It’s this explorative spirit that translates into her work, speaking to us in many different visual languages.

Commissions welcome for paintings, photography and film-making.